Samuel Vallee spent years as a high-level marketing mentalist consultant (top 5 in French marketing) developing strategies for large groups, notably L’Oréal Paris. He is the author of several books on personal improvement, a recognized trainer and speaker, but also a graduate engineer in psycho-acoustics (Rennes), composer of a dozen piano albums. Its strategies have been the subject of reports in the press and the media, in particular on TF1, France 3, M6, BFM, les Echos, 01Net … and many others. In 10 years, Samuel has trained and inspired thousands of entrepreneurs, but one day …, on the upswing, he decides to stop everything at 39, following an experience of self-healing through sounds.


Samuel radically changes his life, expatriates with his small Scandinavian family abroad and meets, by chance (things that do not exist in reality), Marc Vella, in Riga, Latvia. Marc’s message, but also his deep generosity, inspires Samuel and reveals in him something he had buried years ago, his “raison d’être” for the piano, without performance or judgment. Samuel then pays tribute to Marc by creating “Dissønance”, a concept of “concert-conference” around the piano and emotional resonances, with therapeutic effects. Its objective is to share with love, its sound and therapeutic experiences through its own inspirations. They talk about sound resonances, their effects on the body and the brain, and another way of feeling music, with the humble aim of improving humanity.


Samuel Vallee questions by his musical approach, his words, and shows us concretely how « sound dissonances, as in life, are precisely opportunities that give it meaning. You have to know how to accept them to transform them with kindness ».It invites us to reconnect with the emotional being that we are and explains to us, as in quantum physics, how music and life are intertwined.


« I am not a pianist, much less a virtuoso, nor experienced in the academic methods of classical music. The public rather defines me as an artist of resonances around the piano », he expresses, sometimes playing only a few notes, surrounded by silences …, more emotional and penetrating than technical, without any search for performance, but which deliver us from our toxic emotions.


Love and sharing around Resonances and Dissonances to “Re-tune your body” and positively transform our inner world, this is the message that Samuel makes us feel through his public interventions and training.


Supported by “some celebrities” in his quest to share dissonances around the piano, Samuel also works for the association “Stella Maria” to support children affected by disability in Madagascar.


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Samuel was 6 months old when his parents decided to settle on Reunion Island. He stayed there all his childhood, and flew to the metropolis at the age of 11. With a polymorphic background (IT, polytechnic, physiotherapy, music therapy, psychology, marketing, etc.), he joined the school of acoustic engineering in Rennes in 1997. He will work with Cinema and television artists like François Jeanneau, Michel Coteret, Philippe Lemenuel or Jean-Pierre Ruh (César of French cinema), then trained in music theory with Alain Bioteau (Doctor in musicology). He is recruited jointly with these studies at the CCETT of Rennes (France) for these computer skills, in order to participate in the MP3 format improvement program (creation of the entropy algorithm) dedicated to the internet, with Yves-Francois Dehery (TDF). He then produced his first album for television “Pulsation” in 1999 with France 3 which can be heard in the documentary “Living in the sea, portrait of Jacques Rougerie“.


Solicited in 2001 by an Asian production major, he will gracefully yield dozens of his compositions to launch pianists from South Korea and Japan. His most famous songs are Une Rivière coule en toi (River Flows in You -1999); Some emotive notes (2001); You (You – 2000); Just a moment (Kiss the rain / 2001); Pulse; Paradox of love.

In 2007, he launched his 7th musical album during an unusual concert at the Domaine des Vaulx in Cernay (France).

In January 2008, he produced Paradox of Love, an album which retraces the different emotional components between love and sound resonance. That same year, Twilight fans hoped that River Flows in You would be retained by the production as Bella’s Lullaby, but it was a composition by Carter Burwell that was ultimately chosen.

His album A Little touch of Jazz published in 2009 is a retrospective of this music composed between 2000 and 2008, revisited in a more personal style “Emotive’Jazz“. He published the album “Some emotive notes” in 2014, “Jazz injection (from Disney)” in 2015 and “Afterday Live” in 2020.