I’m imperfect, and it’s wonderful (Dissønance)

(Preface by Marc Vella)

If you have recently failed and plan to give up, do not do it. The obstacle is on your way, to bring you an even better outcome. But you have to go on, kindly, to get it.


Who has never felt “insufficient”, through their faults, their mistakes, their wounds, their anger, their shame or their disappointments?

What if these “dissonances” of life were just part of the musical work that is our life? NOTES are similar to our vibrational experiences that make up the melody. There is no need, between them, of rivalry, power, violence to be played and “resonate”, “reason! ”

Music teaches us one essential thing: we can succeed, without making someone else fail, we can be great, without having to make others feel that they are small, and we can elevate ourselves, without having to belittle others.

To experience it, you don’t have to listen to the music, but rather let yourself be crossed by each note, each sound vibration, to feel that they are blowing us a message of LOVE: « Love is the center of all human solutions », just as the sun is the center of our planetary system.

Dissonances in life are therefore inevitable and necessary.


It is impossible to live without failing unless you live so carefully that you might as well not have lived at all – in which case you fail by default.
In this work, the author invites us, through the story of his personal experience, to accept and encourage our imperfections. He shows us how « sound dissonances, as in life, are precisely opportunities that give it meaning, and allow us to have an exceptional life ».


Reunipress Editions
Format A5 / 328 pages (french version)
ISBN : 9782956473558