MASTERCLASS : Dissønance (2020)

Following the release of his Book”I am imperfect and it is wonderful, Samuel offers you 2 days of Masterclass, to get in touch with sound resonances, silence and emotions. Around the Piano, musical improvisation and feelings, you will discover the amazing relationships between musical notes, body and emotions. This Masterclass is open to anyone (musician or not) who wishes to experience personal development through sound resonances, and reconnect to the vibrational being it is internally. Thanks to this Masterclass, “you will never see music the same way again“. Contact me for the dates: London (UK), Riga (LV), Montreal (CA) or other places.


Concert-Conference (December 2020)  “The dissonances of life are opportunities that give it meaning”.

Samuel Vallee invites you to get in touch with the sound resonances and the emotions of life around the piano. Come and discover the relationships between musical notes, silence and emotions, in this concept of concert-conference. Love and sharing around the piano and sound resonances to “re-tune your body” and positively transform the world around us, this is the message that resonates here. Contact me for the dates: London (UK), Riga (LV), Montreal (CA) or other places.


Seminars, Forums, Clubs…

I suggest you intervene (1h ~1h30) for your public or professional events, by making you discover the relationships between sound resonances, notes and emotions, in a concert-conference concept around the piano. If you are interested in the effects of sound vibrations on the body, in relation to water (which makes up 99% of our cells), do not hesitate to contact me (contact section).

BOOK: I am Imperfect and it is Wonderful.

If you have recently failed and plan to give up, do not do it. The obstacle is on your way, to bring you an even better outcome. But you have to go on, kindly, to get it. Who has never felt “insufficient”, through their faults, their mistakes, their wounds, their anger, their shame or their disappointments? What if these “dissonances” of life were just part of the musical work that is our life? (Read more) / [Preface by Marc Vella / french version] – 302 pages – ISBN: 978-2-9564735-5-8

BOOK: RE-TUNING YOUR BODY (24 notes to save your body by sound vibrations)

Vibration is at the heart of everything that exists, of each cell, each atom in motion. Did you know that right now, in Google, Biogen, Pfizer research laboratories, we are seriously studying the possibility of a “digital medicine” (a series of sound frequencies acting on the cells, and administered directly from a smartphone accessory)? Based on the most recent discoveries in bioacoustics, neuroscience and music therapy … (Read more)/ 336 pages – ISBN: 978-2956473503