Samuel Vallee

« Dissønance » is a Masterclass of personal improvement, but also a unique concept of « concert-conferences » around the piano and emotional resonances.

And if the « dissonances » of life (our faults, errors, injuries, anger, shame or disappointment), were just part of the musical work that is our life? NOTES are similar to our vibrational experiences that make up the melody. No need, between them, of rivalry, power, violence to be played and « resonate », « reason ».

Samuel invites us to accept and encourage our imperfections. He shows us how « sound dissonances, as in life, are precisely opportunities that give it meaning, and allow us to have an exceptional mind life ».


Discover some music (composed in 432 Hz) from « Some emotive notes » composed for the film Be with You (Ichikawa / Yiruma) and the Concert-Conference « Resonate, Reason »


Samuel shares an essential key: that dissonance is inevitable in life as in music. But it will then enrich us, bring us something and make us grow if we dare to welcome it with kindness.

– Flora Coquerel (Miss France)


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