Hello everyone and thank you, it is a great pleasure for us to have participated in the first Resonance Congress in Montreal (2019-2020).

I would like to begin these thanks with a general « thank you » to Marie-Claude and Laurie of Distribution Végétale, who have done incredible preparation and organization work in recent months.


It is an immense honor for me, to have been able to meet the participants to share sound resonances, but above all joy, and a lot of emotions.

I thank all those who have always supported our initiatives, who have always been empathetic, and who were the first to participate or test our ideas and training.

As I expressed at the conference, a musical note is like love, it cannot be judged, it goes through us.

There is no waiting to be, to hope, or to be afraid.

Just let yourself be crossed by sound, by resonance. Just leave each note, resonate in you.


This is exactly the chemistry of this first congress, each participant shared something unique, his own resonance, and let himself be crossed by the present moment, with benevolence.

It is never easy to create and innovate in a field as developed, and as important as ours, and that is also why I would like to thank all those who take part in it. And I can promise to always leave the field open to design and innovate. We will never restrain your creativity.

I have always had a dream of starting a business, as it should be said, today young and innovative, but above all, whose objective would be to bring something positive to humanity.

I believe that this meeting allows me to say that WE got there.


Resonance, like dissonance (you have experienced it), brings us closer to what we are, to the authenticity of our being.

I will end with this sentence that several people present entrusted to me at the end of the congress: « I will never listen to music and sounds again in the same way ».

For all that,


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